cooperate together to make music and art in
Bright Blue Sky。

We make something aurally and visually appealing
with our different perspective

Their animation, illustrations, programming, and artworks
are transformed into music videos and physical copies.
Music recording is mostly done by themselves, too.

They are not only making products.
They also held an event which is an exhibition and live performance called “MOMO’s Theater”.


・2018, when MOMO started their music activity,
MOMO sang with the singer from “be-tles”.
She is also the singer of the music duo “strawberry flower”,
known for the theme song of TV game from Nintendo”Pikmin”,
sold a million records.

・2020, December, music video “Mangekyo”
by MOMO and RYONhad released.
The video was produced by the great photographer Masanori Kato who is known for the great Japanese rock band “BOØWY” ‘s
silhouette artist photo. He also took Kyosuke Himuro, Tomoyasu Hotei,
X Japan, Yoshiki, hide, L’Arc~en~ciel, etc.


Night and door